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5 Apps to Aid Your Sleep Apnea Treatment in Chicago

December 5, 2018

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woman sleepingSleep apnea is a disorder that causes interruptions in your breathing from an obstruction in your airway. It is estimated at least 22 million Americans live with the condition. Although it may seem like nothing more than a nuisance, if it is left untreated, it can have potentially deadly complications. To protect your health and to restore your quality of life, you need sleep apnea treatment in Chicago. Your sleep specialist plays a vital role in managing the condition, but is there more you could be doing at home? Now, you can help track a restful night’s sleep using apps available on your Smartphone.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app available on IOS and Android devices that records your sleep quality. You input your time in bed and how well you slept to find your shortest night of sleep. The built-in accelerometer tracks your sleep phases while also waking you during light sleep.

  1. SleepBot

SleepBot is a free app that can be downloaded on both Android and IOS devices. It uses a motion tracker and the phone’s accelerometer to monitor your sleep cycles. It also records sound levels. The information is presented in detailed reports featuring your sleep and wake time, hours of sleep, and amount of lost sleep.

  1. MotionX-24/7

The app records audio clips while you are sleeping, such as snoring or movements. This helps track your sleep cycles to provide you with information about your stages or light and deep sleep. You can also enjoy white noise or music, which fades as you fall asleep.

  1. Sleep Time

Sleep Time monitors your sleep cycles like the other apps; however, it also incorporates an algorithm designed by Stanford University. This rates your sleep quality. You also have the option to improve deep sleep by listening to ocean waves or sounds of the rainforest.

  1. Smart Alarm Clock

If you have ever wondered what you sound like while you sleep, Smart Alarm Clock may be the solution for you. The app is available on IOS devices, which allows you to review the events throughout the night, such as snoring. You can also view information about the duration of your sleep, as well as any disturbances.

Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

Although these apps are beneficial, they are not substitutions for an effective treatment. Now, many people are turning to a CPAP alternative in Chicago. An oral appliance repositions your jaw forward to keep your airways open. It is effective for treating mild to moderate forms of the condition. Besides your treatment, ask your sleep specialist about any home remedies or options to better manage the disorder.

About Dr. David B. Schwartz

Dr. David B. Schwartz is a trusted dentist in the community who also specializes in treating sleep apnea. He provides the effective solutions you need to breathe easier to get the rest you need. If you need treatment for sleep apnea, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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