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Stop Your Snoring AND Sleep Better!

April 24, 2021

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Woman sleeping soundly in bed without snoring

Snoring is an issue that occurs without you even knowing it. However, the problem is that it’s all too noticeable for others. If your sleep partner or family members have complained about your snoring, it means that their sleep is being compromised. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to sleep soundly without producing irritating and sometimes frightening noise. But why are you snoring in the first place, and how can you get it treated? Read on to find out the answers!

Why Are You Snoring?

Snoring occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in the throat, which causes them to vibrate when you breathe. Most people snore every now and then, however chronic snoring can be a sign of more serious underlying health issues. The most common condition associated with snoring is sleep apnea. That’s because this problem arises when the tongue and/or throat muscles relax too much, causing a complete blockage in the airway. This leads to interruptions in breathing that can happen sometimes hundreds of times throughout the night, making it difficult to get restful sleep.

Sleep apnea comes with a variety of symptoms, but the most common is loud snoring – an indication of the blocked airway. Without treatment, this condition can lead to weight gain, heightened risks of heart issues, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, depression, and many other problems.

How Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Help

Thankfully, your dentist provides effective sleep apnea treatment can help you sleep better and stop snoring. This is made possible through the use of a custom-made oral appliance that is designed to position your jaw in a way that promotes steady, unblocked breathing. This decreases the vibrations happening in your throat, which makes the entire household’s sleep experience much quieter and more effective. Once you’ve received a proper sleep diagnosis by taking a sleep test, your dentist will be able to develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Other Ways to Snore Less and Sleep More

While there is no substitute for professional treatment, there are some steps you can take on your own to mitigate your snoring:

  • Switch your sleeping position to laying on your side. Sleeping on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft pallet collapse toward the back of the throat, causing vibration.
  • Exercise to lose weight. The extra weight around your neck may be contributing to your sleep apnea and snoring by narrowing the airway, so getting in shape will help you breathe easier.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Adult beverages and other sedatives can cause your throat muscles to overrelax and increase your risk of snoring.

Ready to help yourself and your family enjoy peaceful, quiet rest? Contact your dentist to discuss sleep apnea treatment so you can count sheep without waking the household.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. David B. Schwartz has decades of experience, and he is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on dental sleep medicine, using oral appliances to treat patients with sleep apnea. He helps keep the airway clear to prevent loud snoring. If you have any questions, he can be reached through his website or by phone at (847) 677-2808.

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