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CPAP Therapy – Skokie, IL

Get the Rest You Need with CPAP Therapy

Are you among the 22 million Americans who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea? You need a successful treatment to stop the pauses in breathing. CPAP therapy in Chicago is the most conventional solution because it is effective for treating all severities of the disorder. Dr. David B. Schwartz will help you breathe better to restore your quality of life with a good night’s rest.

What is a CPAP?

woman with CPAP

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, more commonly called a CPAP, is a special machine that uses the constant pressure of airflow to the throat to keep your airway open while you sleep. This has shown to be effective for stopping spontaneous pauses in breathing that are associated with sleep apnea.

CPAP therapy consists of a mask that covers your nose and mouth, one that covers only your nose, or one that has prongs that fit in the nose. A tube connects the mask to the CPAP machine motor. The motor then blows air into the tube to keep the airway open.

By stopping the interruptions in breathing, many patients report seeing an improvement in their symptoms almost immediately. Their daytime sleepiness and fatigue resolve within a couple of days, but it can take as long as 2 weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Do I Need CPAP Therapy?

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If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may benefit from CPAP therapy. It is often recommended for those who did not achieve the expected results using an oral appliance or for those who have more severe cases of the disorder. Dr. Schwartz performs a comprehensive consultation to ensure it is the right option for you.

What Can I Expect?

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While a CPAP machine is effective, an average of 50% of patients abandons the treatment because there is an adjustment period. Although it will take some time to get used to it, in no time at all you will sleep soundly while restoring your health.

Often, the most difficult part of adjusting to the CPAP is feeling the pressure of air or the mask that is worn on your face. Generally, it only takes a few days to a few weeks to get used to it. Although you may be tempted to give up, rest assured your persistence will pay off.

To help you adjust to your treatment quicker, it is important to choose a mask that fits well. Do not use one that is too big or small. In addition, do not overtighten the mask, which can lead to discomfort and skin irritation.

How Much Does CPAP Therapy Cost?

Most insurance policies cover CPAP therapy. It is considered to be durable medical equipment. We will work on your behalf with your insurance carrier to file the necessary claims and forms to reduce the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket.

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