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Herbst Oral Appliance – Skokie, IL

Breathe Easier with a Herbst Appliance

If you’re among the 22 million Americans living with obstructive sleep apnea, you need an effective solution to keep your airway open. While you could choose the traditional treatment, you have another option. If you’re looking for a CPAP alternative in Skokie, you can breathe easier with a Herbst oral appliance. The small, comfortable device is proven to improve the symptoms of mild-to-moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea, so you can get the rest you need.

What is the Herbst Oral Appliance?

model of upper airway for CPAP alternative in Skokie.

An Herbst appliance is custom-made to fit the upper and lower teeth to help prevent the upper airway from collapsing. This modifies the position of the lower jaw, moving it slightly forward to keep the muscles and soft tissues in the back of the mouth and throat open. This significantly decreases or eliminates pauses in breathing caused by obstructive sleep apnea.

Although there are many oral appliances available, the Herbst device is patient-preferred because it offers enhanced freedom to drink, chew, and even speak while wearing it. You also don’t have to deal with the loud noise or discomfort of using a traditional CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea.

What is the Process Like?

model of oral appliance to treat sleep apnea

After receiving your sleep apnea diagnosis, you’ll be referred to your dentist in Skokie for treatment. We’ll need to take impressions, molds, and X-rays to create your custom-fit device. It’s carefully crafted to meet your exact specifications for function and fit.

We’ll place the device into your mouth and evaluate it for retention. If you need adjustments, the threaded system makes it easy to move the jaw in small increments to find the perfect position. The telescoping arms on either side will hold the mandible open.

What are the Benefits of a Herbst Appliance?

woman in bed with man snoring loudly

The Herbst appliance is proven effective for treating mild-to-moderate cases of chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. When compared to similar devices, Herbst offers various benefits, including:

  • Lateral and vertical movements.
  • FDA-approved treatment.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Superior patient comfort.
  • High patient compliance rate.
  • Adjusted within 5.0 mm range.
  • Standard telescopic mechanism or shim version available.
  • Customizable to find the ideal position.

How Much Does an Herbst Appliance Cost?

There’s not a set fee for an Herbst appliance when used for sleep apnea treatment in Skokie because the cost is determined by your specific plan. Certain medical insurances can be used to lower the amount you need to pay for the device. We will work on your behalf to maximize your coverage to reduce your out-of-pocket cost. We accept several payment options to cover any remaining balance.

How Long Will My Oral Appliance Last?

With the right aftercare, your oral appliance can last for several years before needing to be replaced. It’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste to clean your appliance daily. This also helps keep foul odors at bay. When you’re not wearing your appliance, be sure to store it in its protective case.

Sleep Soundly Tonight

If you’re ready to breathe better, contact our office today to see if you’re a candidate for an Herbst appliance.

Herbst Oral Appliance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about CPAP alternative in Skokie.

An Herbst oral appliance is a great CPAP alternative in Skokie for patients living with obstructive sleep apnea. While there are many oral appliance manufacturers, Herbst is a trusted source for effective sleep apnea treatment. Although you’re ready to experience the benefits for yourself, it’s normal to have several questions before you commit to it. Don’t worry, Dr. Schwartz will explain the treatment process and address your concerns during your initial consultation. In the meantime, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we’re asked.

What will it feel like to wear the appliance?

It’s normal for it to feel a bit awkward when first wearing the oral appliance, but you will hardly notice it’s there after about a week. At first, it may irritate the inside of your lips and cheeks, but after a few days your tissue will have toughened up to eliminate the problem. If you experience persistent irritation to the cheek or tongue, don’t wait to contact your dentist in Skokie.

While your mouth is getting accustom to the appliance, your muscles in your cheek and jaw area may be a bit core or tender. As your mouth adjusts, you won’t feel any more discomfort.

Can I eat while wearing a Herbst appliance?

Believe it or not, you can eat while using an Herbst appliance for sleep apnea treatment in Skokie. It might feel unusual at first, so it’s best to stick with soft foods that are cut into smaller pieces. After 1-2 weeks, you should be able to chew and swallow normally, so you can resume your regular diet. It’s best to avoid foods that are sticky or brittle to prevent damaging the appliance.

How long will I need to wear the appliance?

Although every treatment plan differs, most patients need to wear it for 9 – 12 months. Dr. Schwartz will explain how long you can expect to need the appliance and what you can do to ensure there aren’t any unnecessary delays to your treatment plan.

Can the Herbst appliance break?

The device is durable, but it can be damaged over time. The most common way for it to break is for a screw to come loose or fall off near the upper right molar. You’ll be given a small wrench to use at home, which can be used to loosen the screw on the lower section to remove the arm until you can get to our office to have the upper screw replaced.

If you open your mouth too wide, the plunger attached to the lower jaw may fall out of the sleeve attached to the upper jaw. Often, you can open your mouth and slip the rods back into place. If you’re not successful at home, don’t hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

If you have any concerns about your appliance, contact our office. We’re more than happy to answer any questions.