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ProSomnus MicroO2® -- Skokie, IL

Breathe Easier with an Oral Appliance

Are you among the 22 million Americans who are living with obstructive sleep apnea? You need an effective solution to breathe easier. You could turn to a CPAP to keep your airway open using a stream of air pressure, or you could enjoy a more comfortable option with an oral appliance. Today, there are several oral appliances on the market, but many patients and dentists prefer the ProSomnus MicroO2®. Using this sleep appliance in Skokie, you can prevent pauses in breathing to help you get the rest you need.

Sleep and Snore Device

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Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes several pauses in breathing frequently throughout the night. It often results from the tongue or soft tissues collapsing to block your airway. Although a CPAP is a traditional and effective treatment, many patients are choosing oral appliance therapy as an alternative. This method is proven effective in significantly reducing or eliminating symptoms of sleep apnea using a custom-fit oral device.

The ProSomnus MicroO2® is the first oral appliance designed with patient physiology in mind. It uses a unique set of manufacturing protocols and engineering concepts to enhance its comfort and performance. It’s carefully crafted without using any metal to protrude your lower jaw forward to prevent your soft tissues from blocking your airway. It’s proven effective for treating mild-to-moderate forms of sleep apnea without needing a CPAP.

You’ll enjoy a retainer-like fit using a clear, durable material for a less noticeable appearance. This also makes the appliance less bulky than other devices while also having a contoured fit to minimize irritation to your lips and cheeks. Although it has a low-profile design, it has dual 90-degree non-radius posts that don’t require metal.

It will gently move your lower jaw forward into a comfortable position to allow you to breathe properly. With pinpoint accuracy using advanced technology, you can sleep soundly and breathe easier without a bothersome CPAP.

Benefits of ProSomnus MicroO2®

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Research shows patient compliance is directly linked to comfort. The ProSomnus MicroO2® promotes patient comfort to make you more likely to stick to your sleep apnea treatment in Skokie. You’ll get the relief you need to breathe easier while also enhancing your freedom and your quality of life. Overall, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits and features, including:

  • Designed by experts in Dental Sleep Medicine.
  • Precisely repositions the mandible.
  • 90-degree post angle prevents the jaw from falling back.
  • CAD/CAM digital process for unmatched accuracy.
  • Enhanced durability.
  • Thin material with retainer-like design to eliminate bulkiness.
  • One-piece construction without any moving parts.
  • Adjusts similarly to changing aligners.
  • 11% more tongue space.
  • Reduces risk of TMJ and craniofacial complications.
  • Clear material for discreet appearance.
  • Easy care and maintenance.
  • Easy to replace with quick turnaround.
  • Completely metal-free construction.

Breathe Easier Today!

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If you’re ready to stop snoring and breathe easier, Dr. Schwartz can help. He can treat chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea using a patient-preferred oral appliance. Contact our office today to see if you’re a candidate for ProSomnus MicroO2®.